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  • 03/08/2022

  • 06/07/2022


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02/02/2022 Book Presentation: “Indigegogy. An Invitation to Learning in a Relational Way”

Become part of an insightful, personal and critical conversation about Indigenous “pedagogy”, the importance of culture and Canada’s colonial continuations between the scholar and Cree elder Stan Wilson and Barbara Schellhammer, professor for Intercultural Social Transformation at the Munich School of Philosophy.

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Munich: 6pm CET
Manitoba/Canada: 11 am (GMT)

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11/25-26/2021 Online Workshop: Ethics and Methods in Arctic Transformative Research

Arctic research has seen growing interest in co-creative and collaborative aproaches in recent years. Awareness about the harms of past and present practices and the need to decolonize institutions and methods and to Indigenize research has increased.

To ensure that exploitative research practices will be overcome, and research relationships are improved, it is necessary to address the "how to" of co-creative research. In the Workshop Stan Wilson and Barbara Schellhammer among others will talk about their experiences of publishing a book together.



12/07/2021 5th Meeting WGTR


Project presentations

  • How can transforamtive research fructify continuity, persistence and blockages?, Felicitas Sommer, M.A. cultural anthropology, LMU, Munich, Germany and is involved in research on theory of property.

  • The impact of Stereotypes among young Syrian refugees and their Iraqi host peers for integration, Mustafa Abdulrahman Abdalla, (with Jehan Omar and Shaveen Khalil), JWL research groups on Peace Leadership in Action

  • News on, Lena Schützle, Center for Social and Development Studies, Munich School of Philosophy.



06/08/2021 4th Meeting WGTR


Project presentations


Group activity: An icon for transformative research



02/09/2021 3rd Meeting WGTR


Living Definitions of Transformation and Transformative Research


Project Presentations

  • Applied Research Project on Peace Leadership, Isabella Rega Jesuit Worldwide Learning & Barbara Schellhammer, Intercultural Social Transformation, Munich School of Philosophy

  • Feminist Philosophy, Veronika Blass, PhD Student, Munich School of Philosophy



12/10/2020 Presentation


Presentation of the Working Group in the Institut für Ethik und Sozialphilosophie (IES)-Kolloquium at the Munich School of Philosophy.



11/10/2020 2nd Meeting WGTR


Reading: Admitting uncertainty, transforming engagement: towards caring practices for sustainability beyond climate change with the following questions in mind:

  • How does this text relate to my own (intuitive) understanding of transformative research?
  • What can we/I learn from the author, what questions do arise?



06/23/2020 1st Meeting WGTR



Transformative research – approaching an umbrella term, Jospehine Eberhardt, Angeles Arrien scholar at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), San Francisco, CA



Transformative Research – personal and societal, Donna M. Mertens

Creating a roadmap together.




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