Arbeitsgruppe Transformatives Forschen


Nächste Treffen der Working Group Transformative Research


  • 26. Oktober 2022 14-17 Uhr (inkl. 30 min Pause)

  • 24. Januar 2023 14-17 Uhr (inkl. 30 min Pause)




4/19/2023 10th Meeting WGTR


  • Nurturing inner peace to promote more peaceful communities: The Peace Leader Programme, Melodie Honen-Delmar, Isabella Rega (JWL)
  • Reflection on collaborative writing, Carlos Zapeda, Stefan Einsiedel



2/14/2023 9th Meeting WGTR

For the next meeting, please make yourself familiar with the following two texts.

White Supremacy Culture (bullet points)
Tema Okun, in:

For organizations striving to become multi-cultural anti-racist organizations. Anti-Racist Organizational Development (incl. summarizing table)
adapted by Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun based on work done by the Exchange Project of the Peace Development Fund, Grassroots Leadersips Barriers and Bridges program, and the original concept by Bailey Jackson and Rita Hardiman, in: Dismantling Racism: A Resource Book, changework, Durham 2003.


  1. Which feelings, thoughts and questions do arise while reading the texts?
  2. How (if at all) do the texts relate to your field of work/research?
  3. How (if at all) do the texts relate to transformative research in general?



12/12/2023 irregular Meeting

Reflection on collaborative writing.


10/26/2022 8th Meeting WGTR

2 pm - 5 pm (incl. 30 min break)

Project Presentations

  • Integral Ecologies and Transformative Research, Carlos Zapeda is Assistant Director in Policy and Practice at the Laudato Si' Research Institute in Oxford.
  • Transformative Research - A collection of websites, definitions and references, Oliver Grauer is Student Assistant and Philosophy Student at the Munich School of Philosophy.
  • Short report from the Momentum Kongress, Benedikt Ronge and Jochanah Mahnke are Research Assistants at the Munich School of Philosophy (to be confirmed)

What now?
The Working Group Transformative Research was founded in 2020, since then we had many presentations , speakers and discussions, creative sessions and many, many open questions. After more than two years, it is time to reflect, condense and find words for what we have learned. 




07/29/2022 Mini-Conference Bezugspunkte und aktuelle Forschungsprojekte zur Phänomenologie des Fremden – im Gespräch mit Bernhard Waldenfels


3 pm - 8 pm, Aula HFPH

Mini-Conference at the Munich School of Philosophy (German)


Deine Fragen an Bernhard Waldenfels — Hochschule für Philosophie München (



03/08/2022 7th Meeting WGTR


11 am - 3 pm CET

Project Presentations

  • Sharing: Challenges & Celebrations
  • Self-knowledge as Self-transformation. Phenomenological and Non-dual approaches, Dr. Robert Lehmann, Interculutral Social Transformation, Munich School of Philosophy
  • Transformative Research, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Leistle
  • Open Space



03/23/2022 Conversation Series: "Bridging the Divide and Embodying Transformation"


You are kindly invited to join the first session of „bridging the divide and embodying transformation – a conversation series“ on March 23rd, 2-3:30pm CET, online. Through a series of conversations, we aim to provide room among scholar-activists to talk about how one can wholeheartedly bridge the many divides that shape our lives. The online event is anchored in our work within the Feminisms and Degrowth Alliance (Fada). 

As scholar-activists, feminists, and environmentalists, we are often confronted with divides hindering transformation. This may include the divide between market economies and unpaid labor, divides along the lines of race, class, and gender that also serve capitalist profit making, or the separation of humans from nature. When working in academia, we often experience a divide between mental problem-solving and our complex personal engagement in societal change that is informed by our feelings and experience. All these separations (and many more) and the devaluations coming with them, make it a challenge to foster societal change. 

With our guests Dr Galina Kallio and Lena Schützle we will speak about bridging such divides and exchange about the challenge to embody transformation. We are happy to have them as our conversation starters! Galina is a scholar-activist working for the soil in various initiatives and doing inspiring research funded by the Academy of Finland. She is also a co-founder of Untame Collective. Lena used to study and work as Mechanical Engineer and now studies Radical Compassion at the Munich School of Philosophy. Both are two of the many inspiring women that we’ve gotten to know through the years and that strive for making change real. 

Let us know if you’re planning to attend (for our organization). Spontaneous participation is also welcome! 

A second session of the conversation series is planned for 24.5. 7-8:30 pm CET (details follow). Please also join the general FaDA open meeting taking place on April 12 6pm CET.

Warmest regards from Helsinki and Leipzig,

Eeva Houtbeckers and Anna Saave



03/08/2022 6th Meeting WGTR


Project presentations

Topic tbd, Prof. Dr. Simone Birkel, Professorin für Religionspädagogik (Vertretung), Fakultät für Religionspädagogik / Kirchliche Bildungsarbeit (FH), Katholische Universität Eichstätt - Ingolstadt

Reflexions on research projects on the Philippines and the Arctic, Dr. Sophie Elixhauser, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology

and more (tba)



02/02/2022 Book Presentation: “Indigegogy. An Invitation to Learning in a Relational Way”


Become part of an insightful, personal and critical conversation about Indigenous “pedagogy”, the importance of culture and Canada’s colonial continuations between the scholar and Cree elder Stan Wilson and Barbara Schellhammer, professor for Intercultural Social Transformation at the Munich School of Philosophy.

Download Flyer

Please register by February 21nd:

Munich: 6pm CET
Manitoba/Canada: 11 am (CST)


Invite your friends on facebook:



11/25-26/2021 Online Workshop: Ethics and Methods in Arctic Transformative Research

Arctic research has seen growing interest in co-creative and collaborative aproaches in recent years. Awareness about the harms of past and present practices and the need to decolonize institutions and methods and to Indigenize research has increased.

To ensure that exploitative research practices will be overcome, and research relationships are improved, it is necessary to address the "how to" of co-creative research. In the Workshop Stan Wilson and Barbara Schellhammer among others will talk about their experiences of publishing a book together.



12/07/2021 5th Meeting WGTR


Project presentations

  • How can transforamtive research fructify continuity, persistence and blockages?, Felicitas Sommer, M.A. cultural anthropology, LMU, Munich, Germany and is involved in research on theory of property.

  • The impact of Stereotypes among young Syrian refugees and their Iraqi host peers for integration, Mustafa Abdulrahman Abdalla, (with Jehan Omar and Shaveen Khalil), JWL research groups on Peace Leadership in Action

  • News on, Lena Schützle, Center for Social and Development Studies, Munich School of Philosophy.



06/08/2021 4th Meeting WGTR


Project presentations


Group activity: An icon for transformative research



02/09/2021 3rd Meeting WGTR


Living Definitions of Transformation and Transformative Research


Project Presentations

  • Applied Research Project on Peace Leadership, Isabella Rega Jesuit Worldwide Learning & Barbara Schellhammer, Intercultural Social Transformation, Munich School of Philosophy

  • Feminist Philosophy, Veronika Blass, PhD Student, Munich School of Philosophy



12/10/2020 Presentation


Presentation of the Working Group in the Institut für Ethik und Sozialphilosophie (IES)-Kolloquium at the Munich School of Philosophy.



11/10/2020 2nd Meeting WGTR


Reading: Admitting uncertainty, transforming engagement: towards caring practices for sustainability beyond climate change with the following questions in mind:

  • How does this text relate to my own (intuitive) understanding of transformative research?
  • What can we/I learn from the author, what questions do arise?



06/23/2020 1st Meeting WGTR



Transformative research – approaching an umbrella term, Jospehine Eberhardt, Angeles Arrien scholar at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), San Francisco, CA



Transformative Research – personal and societal, Donna M. Mertens

Creating a roadmap together.



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